In order to do all our running drills, you will need some bands, a few dumbbells, a step, and a slippery piece of plastic.

The Amazon Basics kit includes five bands with increasing tension, which can also be run in parallel to create more tension.  It also comes with two ankle attachments. This is one of the reasons this kit us so useful, because in some of the drills, you want to attach the band to your knee area instead of the ankle. Since it comes with two straps, you can attach the two straps to each other and make a larger one to accommodate for the circumference of the knee area. It also comes with two handles, although we usually use only one at a time.

I know what it is like to have different bands spread out over the house, so it is nice that you can now keep everything in one bag.  Also, the cost is very reasonable.

How to use the bands, of course, is described in our videos which we are gradually explaining and uploading for public use.